Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Make your own 3D glasses

While Adam and I are working hard to get our storefront up and running (where you will be able to buy your very own custom 3D glasses!) we wanted to give our readers a chance to actually see our comic in 3D if you don't happen to own a pair already. So we looked around the apartment and made a pair out of a few things we had lying around. Here's what we did:

My mom sent me these really strange Halloween-themed beaglepuss glasses a few months ago so we grabbed those, and Adam happened to have a Roscolux swatch book hiding in one of his many boxes of miscellaneous electronic parts (it helps to be a pack-rat when putting together spur-of-the-moment craft projects!). Those plus some scissors and super glue and we were ready to go.

First I traced around the lenses of the glasses to make a good template for the colored piece of filter. The swatches were pretty small and we couldn't risk cutting the shape inaccurately. Adam got to work taking apart the swatches. We looked through each shade of red and cyan to find the exact right colors that would make the 3D comic actually pop (Note: To test this look through your red or cyan lens. If you have the right shade of red, it should block out the cyan completely and vice versa).

The colors that worked the best for us were #26 Light Red and #370 Italian Blue.
After I cut out the filter pieces to the right shapes we glued them to the back of the glasses with super glue (I happened to have Gorilla super glue from a previous project but anything would work as long as it's fast drying and clear).

About 30 minutes later we had a really snazzy pair of new 3D glasses!

That's how we made ours, but the options are endless! What would you use to make a pair? What changes would you make to our design? Go on - show us your glasses!

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