Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3D glasses dress!

How awesome is this 3D glasses dress? Each one is custom made to order by Nicole Lindner via request in her Etsy store. If (or when?) Adam and I take Robots! to a convention, I'm totally going to have to have one made for me to wear behind the booth. It's the kind of thing Ms. Frizzle would wear to explain stereoscopy!

In that same vein, I tried to come up with an idea of other outfits inspired by Robots! in 3D. I went and put together a hodgepodge of a set of robotic/space-agey/red-blue items on Polyvore:

It would be so awesome to see someone coming down the street toting all of this! And I would love to modify those red sunglasses into a pair of really sweet 3D specs. If you had to pick an outfit that encapsulates the theme of "Robots! in 3D" what would you choose?

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