Friday, June 25, 2010

Concept art: A taste of things to come

Robots! in 3D Issue #2 will begin next Friday, but until then enjoy some brand new concept art! This sketch features a character that will be introduced next issue and will become a major player in the Robots! in 3D universe. I am very much looking forward to drawing him into the storyline.

Looking for some things to satisfy your Robots! craving until next week? Click the jump for some ideas.

Why don't you:
-Catch up and read Robots! from the beginning.
-Make your own pair of fancy 3D glasses! Send us a picture on the final product and we'll feature it on the blog.
-Go see a 3D movie and share your thoughts on the Robots! Facebook group. Adam and I are going to try to see Toy Story 3 (when we're not working on Issue 2 that is).
-Put together a Robo Couture look and share it with us! Also follow Nicole Lindner on Twitter and keep up to date on all 3D glasses related clothing
Have any other 3D and or Robotic related ideas for a way to spend a weekend? Leave a comment and let me know! 

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